Boost Call Center integrates with ResponseCRM

Mar 18, 2020

ResponseCRM teamed up with Boost Call Center for their latest integration. Not only does Boost Call Center provide 24/7 service to clients of all sizes, they also offer world class support in English, Spanish, German and French. In fact, Boost clients have noticed chargeback and refund decreases due to the incentivized offers over the phone with customers to keep the product and possibly upsell.
What makes Boost different from other call centers is their dedication to boosting client revenue through several cost-effective opportunities.

Your Partial Sales Data is a great place to start for increasing profitability – If your prospect didn’t purchase your product, let Boost Call Center give it a try over the phone after going through your partial sales data. On average, Boost will close 30% of all connections on a flat CPA (cost per account) basis, resulting in a large revenue that might have otherwise been lost. Even if you don’t want merchant account volume limitations, they can still buy your leads and send the sales to other approved 3rd party vendors.

You can also take further advantage of your Customer Data – Having happy customers is half the battle, if you want to be profitable. Let Boost and ResponseCRM help you get to work by calling your customers and doing a warm confirmation order call. On a CPA basis, Boost confirms the order then offers an approved upsell or an approved 3rd party upsell, if you do not have upsells currently available in your sales funnel. Majority of the time, these sales calls can double and triple the original order amount.
All outbound sales services are provided on a performance basis. Boost clients only incur a cost when a sale is generated, so we only charge a fee when you make money.

Why choose Boost Call Center with ResponseCRM:

  • Overflow and after-hour support, so you never miss an important call again
  • Inbound and outbound calls, emails and chats support
  • Campaign Reporting
  • Boost Bespoke Omni – Channel solutions
  • Call volume predictions
  • Support and account management
  • Outbound Sales
  • English, Spanish, German and French speaking agents
  • Improve your KPIs

Fully staffed, hard-working professionals with over 100 years of combined experience, let Boost Call Center and ResponseCRM be the advantage your company needs to dominate the space. Check out Boost Call Center and ResponseCRM today!

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